1. Our terms are cash or before delivery.

2. No liability is accepted for delay however arising nor for any loss by burglary, house breaking larceny on fire.

3. The goods are handled with greatest possible care but owning to the condition of the articles when received such goods are accepted for cleaning at owner's risk.

4. In case of damage/the firm will be liable to repair the damage, or replace the garment from its stock to the satisfaction of the customers, or half payment will be refunded .

5. Delivery of every garment must be taken within one month, otherwise an extra charges at the rate of 12% per month

6. If goods are not claimed within three months from date of receipt, the company reserves the right to sell or otherwise dispose them off

7. No employee or agent of the company is competent to alter or vary any of the items & conditions mentioned herein.

8. The company shall not be responsible for breakage of buttons etc. while cleaning.

9. All disputes are subjected to Delhi jurisdiction

10. While every professional care is taken. We do not take guarantee of colors, pigment prints, block prints, sequins, stain removal, zari work etc.

11. Laundromet will reimburse in accordance with the International Fabricare Fair Claims Guide and shall not exceed ten (10) times our charge for cleaning that garment
regardless of brand or condition / (10 times of the washing rate will be given for articles lost/damaged if claimed within 48 hours).

12. The Service and Tariff is subject to change without notice.