Washing is always taken for granted in India. When we are kids our mothers used to wash our dirty cloths without asking for return for the same. Now it time to appreciate what she did for you since childhood, but no more washing from your mother's hand, because her hand deserve rest and she deserve it too.

Let's take time and spend some good time with her instead of doing laundry We at Laundromet believe laundry in not a always a mother thing to do, let us do your laundry while you create some great memories

Laundromet provide e one of the best services in laundry industry

• Delivery in 24 hrs.
• Eco Friendly Chemicals
• Ensure longer life of cloths
• Fresh smell always
• Saving water
• Saving electricity

Steam pressing

Weather is office party, marriage, anniversary, valentine day or any special occasion eve one wants to look perfect. our cloths help us in achieving those look, well dress require wells shape of the dress.

Steam pressing ensure that your cloths stay in shape through the day or till the event ends.

Steam pressing is quite different from traditional pressing .it uses water wasp to maintain shape of your cloths for long time It also ensures long life of cloths and it does it loose it shape easily

We at Laundromet uses steam pressing to ensure

• 24hrs delivery
• Better shape of dress
• Look always new
• Cloths friendly
• Quality check

Dry cleaning

Remember that last day of farewell of school and colleagues where you were busy taking photos of each other to creating life long, memories. You always have two things from that days your photos and your dress that you wore on the occasion.

When you go for reunion you have thought to wear it again to relive the memory again.

Reunion seems to new concept for some of you but maintaining memory is the one of the old time traditions since from the beginning of the century.

Formal suit, Sherwanai, Lengha's and many more dress like them are part of these memories. Dry cleaning is not about cleaning costly dress but about caring your greater memories with you in form of dresses.

We at Laundromet helps you in ensuring these stay with you forever your lovely memories, so Whenever you see them memories comes alive

We provide dry-cleaning services for your dress so you get

• Get 24Hrs delivery
• Smell fresh
• Looks like new
• Eco friendly chemicals
• Latest technology
• Save environment

Shoe Laundry

First step is made by shoes where you go it represents your first impact of your personality before you even speak. Whether you believe it or not your shoe shows your personality which has been proven through scientific researches.

Shoe also represents your hygiene and commitment to your professionalism. Hence it is important factor for your personal and professional life.Like others things shoes are too ignored for their maintenance, which resulted in shoe slipping, itches and other ailments issues.

Cleaning and maintaining shoes are not so simple as it seems to easier, every shoe is made of different material and require specified services. Improper cleaning may result in permanent shoe damage or lower shoe life cycle. Every shoe is special and require special car too.

Shoe cleaning is one of the most important part of its maintenance. we at Laundromet we work towards making shoe cleaning and maintenance easier than ever before. With High End technology for cleaning and maintaining shoes, we make sure your shoes have long life with glowing shine

Sofa cover cleaning

Sofa one of the prominent place for guest to sit, any person guest who came to our houses we always offer them sofa for sitting as our culture. It would be not wrong to say that it our important part of culture for welcoming our guest.

Maintain sofa cleanliness is one of the time consuming and dusty task you ever come across to clean. Generally, people use to big stick to beat the sofa to get dust out of the covers, but eventually it result in more dust on sofa and in room as well, further it also results in damage of sofa material and decease its life.

Every sofa cover made from different kind of material and also required different kind of chemical and solvent for their cleaning. For example, you cannot clean leather covers with normal detergents.

Some people literally go too far and start washing sofa with water which is the worst way or we can say permanent damage for your sofa.

We at Laundromet uses high end technology for cleaning sofas. These are features of services s we provide.

• Eco friendly chemicals
• Dust proofing technology
• Faster cleaning
• Reasonable pricing
• Specialized equipment's

Car seat cover's

Maintaining car seat covers are one of the hectic task if you are running out of time. Washing your seat covers in ordinary machines may weaken their protective shield. After washing you need to reinstall the seat cover to its basic place where require lots of effort.

If not installed properly it may result in several damages to you. car seat covers are supposed to protect you and make you comfortable for your journey. Journey creates memories whether it is long or short. Bad smell of seat covers can ruin your mood for the same.

We at Laundromet uses high end technology from injecting seat covers, to washing and installing the seat covers. We use specified chemicals, for removing stains without affecting their material and their designs and ensure smooth quality for longer period of time.

Using ordinary chemicals can weaken your seat belts, so we use special chemicals for their cleaning which ensure it work perfectly and stay strong.

With proper installation technology we place cover perfectly their place, so they remain fitted for long term.

We ensure our quality check during the whole process, so you get assured for your seat covers safety.