We are team of professionals who perform these services on your behalf.

You can order by simply registering on site and selection garments for pickup.

Once u order u can cancel your order by calling us immediately or denying the pickup.

If you have chosen the online payment kindly allow 15 working days for refund.

It is sole responsibility of customer of their belongings. We do not take guarantee of such belongings.

They must ensure that they should not left their belongings in garments, if left kindly inform us as soon as possible.

However we at most insure there is no such belongings are found.

If found we will inform you as soon as we found such case

You can simply pay online or via cash on delivery.

As soon as our representative will call you for confirmation.

If you order before 4pm in any time slot, we will pick same day and after ordering 4 pm next day.

Your garments will be delivered on 3rd day after pick up.

In case your garments get clean early we will inform you for early delivery.

We do thorough inspection after pickup and before delivery.

You will get exclusive offers form us and as added bonus you will get faster pickup and delivery.